Get up close with zoom

Pull yourself closer to your subject with the zoom lever on the remote, or use the slow zoom switch for a more measured close up

Compose a shot with grid lines

Check vertical and horizontal alignment with the grid line button on the remote, which shows 4 white lines to help line up a shot

Streaky effect with bulb shooting

The photo button slows the shutter speed, so moving clouds or passing trains appear as streaks while stationary objects stay sharp

Get flexible with a detachable remote control

Simply attach the remote to the tripod and control your shooting from a distance, get close up shots without scaring the wildlife

Quick and easy mounting with quick shoe

Always capture the moment perfectly, quickly attach the Handycamยฎ for a steady shot and then easily release once youโ€™re done

Attach different cameras with connector cable

Connect the camera or camcorder best suited to the shot using the multi terminal (please check compatibility tab)

Precision high and low shots with the elevator

The tripod extends to a height of 1,700mm and down to 300mm, the legs spread for the low angles needed in macro photography

Smooth pans and tilts with the tripod head

Whether itโ€™s left, right, up or down, the tripodโ€™s oil fluid head allows you to follow your subject with smooth movement

Straight shooting with the leveller

When the bubble in the leveller is completely inside the red circle, the tripod platform is perfectly horizontal

Pack it up and take anywhere

The tripod is slim and compact, slip it in the supplied case and take it on a shoot with no bother

Strong and light thanks to a carbon fibre design

This tripod is tough enough to go where you go and wonโ€™t weigh you down, sling it over your shoulder and be on your way

Legs that plant firmly in turf

The tripod legs have spikes for better stability when shooting outdoors, set up in a wooded area and capture wildlife shots