VCT-HM2 Handlebar Mount


  • Dimension(Approx.): W 38mm X H 76.5mm X D 150mm (1 1/2inches X 3 1/8inches X 6inches)
  • Handlebar diameter range: 18mm-36mm (23/32 - 1 7/16 in)
  • Weight(Approx.): 49g (1.7oz)

RM 139.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Cap Clip


  • Compatible products: All models
  • Dimension(Approx.): W 52.6mm X H 61.1mm X D 50.5mm (2 1/8inches X 2 1/2inches X 2inches)


RM 139.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Finger Grip For Action Cam



RM 109.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Underwater Housing for Action Cam


  • Compatible products: HDR-AS50
  • Dimension (Approx.): W 1.81 in X H 2.72 in X D 3.51 in
  • Weight (Approx.): Underwater Housing: 2.9 oz, Adapter for HDR-AS50: 0.1 oz

RM 249.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Shotting Grip


RM 199.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Arm Kit For Action Cam


  • Dimension(Approx.): W 55mm X H 69mm X D 52mm (2 1/4inches X 2 3/4inches X 2 1/8inches)
  • Weight(Approx.): 56g (2oz)

RM 105.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Leash Pack For Action Cam


  • Dimension(Approx.):Buckle lock plug: W 36mm X H 9mm X D 31mm ( 1 7/16inches X 3/8inches X 1 1/4inches)
  • Leash cord: Diameter 36mm X Height 8mm (1 7/16inches X 11/32inches)
  • Weight(Approx.) :Buckle lock plug: 3g (0.1oz), Leash cord: 4g (0.2oz)

RM 73.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Action Monopod For Action Cam


  • Compatible products : All Models
  • Dimension(Approx.): Max. Height 913mm , Folded Length 302mm (36 inches ,12 inches)
  • Weight(Approx.): 200g (7.1oz)
  • Quick expansion and contraction for speedy transition between shots
  • Compact size to fit easily into bags and backpacks

RM 200.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Universal Head Mount Kit for Action Cam


  • Tilt and roll features
  • Hands-free shooting
  • Dimension(Approx.):Belt mount:71.7X87.7X61.6mm(2 7/8 X 3 1/2 X 2 1/2inches) Vented helmet mount:71.4X71.5X54.1(2 7/8 X 2 7/8 X 2 1/4inches)
  • Length:Head band: 50 cm - 100 cm (19 3/4 in. - 39 3/8 in.) Belt: 70 cm (27 5/8 in.)
  • Weight(Approx.):Belt mount: 85g (3oz) Vented helmet mount: 75g (2.7oz)

RM 137.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Hard Lens Protector for HDR-AS100VR


  • Prevents scratches and dust on the lens
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Compatible products  : FDR-X1000V, HDR-AS200V, HDR-AZ1, HDR-AS100V. Cannot use this product with AKA-SF1 or AKA-LU1.
  • Dimension(Approx.): W 32mm X H 33mm X D20mm (1 5/16inches X 1 5/16inches X 13/16inches)
  • Weight(Approx.): 10g (0.35oz)

RM 94.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Replacement Dive Door for Action Cam


  • Waterproof to a depth of 60m
  • Flat lens enables clear focus
  • Audio-enhancement door for rich sound to depths of 10m
  • Large buttons for easy underwater operation
  • Durable shockproof design protects from small drops

RM 119.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Wrist Mount Strap For Action cam


  • Adjust shooting angle 360 degrees with 16 locking positions
  • Dimension(Approx.): W 100 mm × H 63 mm × D 21 mm (4 in. × 2 1/2 in. × 27/32 in.)
  • Arm circumference: 14 cm - 24 cm (5 5/8 in. × 9 1/2 in.)
  • Weight(Approx.): 37g (1.3oz)

RM 105.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Anti-Fog Sheet


  • Anti-fog sheets for the Action Cam waterproof case.
  • 2 sheets included in 1 pouch.
  • Re-usable for approx. 400 times by natural drying (approx. 200 times for 1 sheet)

RM 52.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Adhesive Mount For Action Cam


  • Adhesive mounts allows you to mount on just about any surface
  • Easily slides in/out, but secures once locked in
  • Includes quick release buckle, curved adhesive mount and flat adhesive mount
  • Separately sold adaptor may be required to use this product with some camera and camcorder models. Please check with Sony's authorized dealers.

RM 52.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Clip Mount for Action Cam


  • Compatible with all Sony Action Cam models
  • Attaches to any surface up to 6cm in thickness or diameter
  • Fully adjustable ball head mount for the perfect angle
  • Easy to set up and stabilise
  • Lightweight 260g design

RM 211.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Handlebar Mount For Action Cam


  • Secures your Sony Action Cam to a variety of bar sizes
  • Swivel action allows you to capture the perfect angle

RM 105.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Suction Cup Mount


  • Three moving parts let you adjust the angle

RM 169.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Semi-Hard Carrying Case for Action Cam


  • Dimension(Approx.): W 231mm X H 77mm X D 171mm (9 1/8inches X 3 1/8inches X 6 3/4inches)
  • Weight(Approx.): 230g (8.2oz)

RM 105.00

(Price inclusive GST)