Xperia™ Ear


Your personal assistant

Managing your day has never been easier with Xperia Ear there to assist you. 
Send and receive messages, check your schedule, search, navigate, and more. All without picking up your phone.

RM 999.00

(Price inclusive GST)

As low as RM167.00
(Maximum 6 months)
with 0% Easy Payment Scheme

USB Type-C™ Charging Dock DK60


  • No fuss charging
  • USB Type C™ charging dock
  • Safety tested

RM 169.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Quick Charger UCH12 Type C


  • Power up in no time
  • For USB Type-C and micro-B
  • Hours of power with a few minutes charge
  • Safety tested

RM 199.00

(Price inclusive GST)

USB Charger UCH20 Type C


  • Small size. Same great power.
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Safety tested

RM 119.00

(Price inclusive GST)

Quick Charger UCH12


Xperia™ X
Xperia™ XA
Xperia™ Z5
Xperia™ Z5 Compact
Xperia™ Z5 Premium
Xperia™ Z3+
Xperia™ Z3 Compact
Xperia™ Z4 Tablet

RM 139.00

(Price inclusive GST)

SmartBand 2 (White)


  • Android™ 4.4 and onwards
  • iOS 8.2 and onwards
  • Connectivity with NFC or Bluetooth®
  • Battery Life Up to 5 days
  • Waterproof IP68, Up to 3 m depth
  • Heart rate monitor & Accelerometer
  • Coloured LEDs
  • Removable core

RM 599.00

(Price inclusive GST)

As low as RM100.00
(Maximum 6 months)
with 0% Easy Payment Scheme

USB Portable Charger (Blue)


  • Contains Sony-manufactured lithium-polymer rechargeable battery, retains more than 90% of its capacity at 1,000 charges
  • Ultra slim aluminum body charger in 3 metalic colours for charging smartphones on-the-go
  • Battery capacity of 5,000 mAh
  • Compatible with other devices including Xperia™, Cyber-shot™, Handycam® and Walkman® players.
  • Charging via computer's USB port or AC-USB adapter (not included)
  • Micro USB cable included

RM 126.00

(Price inclusive GST)